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FOGX is backed by some globally renowned scientific experts in bio-tech solutions who are pioneers in bio-enzyme technology , and at the forefront of bio-remediation.



FOGX Bio-Ecoflush is proudly manufactured in South Africa using locally occurring microbes and bio-enzymes that assist in the effectiveness of the bio-remediation in local conditions.

It is 100% Environmentally friendly by virtue of its ingredients used, its manufacturing process and also that it has not been imported from other countries with a large carbon footprint.

FOGX Bio-Ecoflush is sold in over 40 countries globally and has been accredited for use in South Africa, USA and Europe to name a few. One of the most stringent certifications in the world is the US EPA(United States Environmental Protection Agency) .

FOGX Bio-Ecoflush is accredited by the EPA for use in all water masses sea and land based which gives an indication of how eco-friendly the product is.

Make sure your business has insurance against FOG contamination.

Legislative Requirements for the Maintenance of Grease traps:

The General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and the Transport of Food (R.918/1999) corrected by Govt notice No 638 of 22 June 2018 specify that food premises must have a wastewater disposal system approved of by the local authority, and that the duties of a person in charge of food premises include ensuring that wastewater on the food premise is disposed of to the satisfaction of the local authority.
**Western Cape Provincial Wastewater By-Law: 1 Sep 2006. Section 3: Protection of Municipal Sewers
No person shall discharge, permit to enter or put into any municipal sewer –