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Bio-Ecoflush is a naturally occurring group of bacteria that are extracted from soil and bottled in a dormant state – and are activated when water is applied. Bio-Ecoflush breaks down the hydrocarbon chains in FOG and also competes with the bacteria that are responsible for Ammonia ( NH3 ) and Hydrogen Sulphite ( N2S ) – thus eliminating all odors within minutes.

For the best results it is suggested to treat FOG from the source all the way to the grease trap which means using Bio-Ecoflush to clean kitchen sinks, drainage pipes, floors as well as the grease trap.
This allows the bacteria more time to break down the hydrocarbon chains in the FOG and will create a healthy ecosystem in the kitchen drainage system which will create a healthier grease trap.

The grease trap will be clear and free of grease in 3 – 4 days if this cleaning and application process is followed.
When the daily application is made to floors and sinks, the whole system benefits from bacterial degreasing that includes all plumbing, pipes, drains and floors leading to the grease trap.


FOG’s are very difficult to dissolve using chemicals and rarely solve the actual root cause of the issue which means in most cases FOG blockages can re-occur after the grease trap, whilst odors are masked and not prevented.

Bio-degreasing with Bio-Ecoflush through the entire grease trap drainage feeder system means that FOG’s are broken down before they get to the grease trap , so reducing odors and blockages in the drainage system.

FOGX Bio-Ecoflush was developed to counter the limitations of conventional on-site re-mediation. As a 100% organic fluid oil remediation product, it can be utilized on-site even in the most sensitive ecosystems.

Its natural ingredients are derived from glaucids and essential amino acids which form powerful decomposing agents that stimulate the natural predisposition of certain bacteria to produce enzymes capable of breaking down the hydrocarbons in organic matter.

The hydrocarbons are thereby transformed into bacterial proteins that dissolve in the effluent water. This by – product is 100% environmentally friendly and favors the development of beneficial organisms and microbes that will assist in a natural cleaning process in the grease trap.

Essentially FOGX Bio-Ecoflush creates a mini-ecosystem in the fat trap that aids in optimizing the grease trap performance.
This process is fast and cost-effective while providing adequate protection for human health and the environment.
The long-term benefit of using FOGX Bio-Ecoflush is that it facilitates bio degradation by natural means and is 100% environmentally friendly and assists business in achieving their sustainability objectives.